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Presentations at IPMU'2018

Between June 11 and 15, 2018, the 18th IPMU conference took place in Cádiz (Spain). The following papers were presented by our group: 

'Approximations of coherent lower probabilities by 2-monotone capacities', by Ignacio Montes, Enrique Miranda and Paolo Vicig. 

'Monotonicity of a profile of rankings with ties'. Raúl Pérez Fernández, Irene Díaz, Susana Montes, Bernard de Baets. 

'Consistency properties for fuzzy choice functions: an analysis with the Lukasiewicz tnorm'. Susana Díaz, José Carlos R. Alcantud and Susana Montes

'Comparison between ordered ordinary fuzzy multiset'. Ángel Riesgo, Pedro Alonso, Irene Díaz, Vladimír Janiš, Vladimír Kobza and Susana Montes. 
 'Natural extension of choice functions', by Arthur Van Camp, Enrique Miranda and Gert de Cooman.

In addition, our group organized two special sessions on 'Imprecise probabilities' and on 'Measures of comparison for fuzzy sets and their extensions'.