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This week our group has presented the following works at the ISIPTA-ECSQARU conference in Lugano (  -Ignacio Montes presented the work 'A study of the pari-mutuel model from the point of view of imprecise probabilities', co-authored with Enrique Miranda and Sébastien Destercke.  -Enrique Miranda presented the work 'Game solutions,...
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Tesis de Raúl Pérez

Ayer tuvo lugar la defensa de la tesis doctoral de Raúl Pérez, titulada " Monotonicity based consensus states for the monometric rationalisation of ranking rules with application in decision making",   y realizada bajo la dirección de Susana Montes, Irene Díaz y Bernard de Baets.
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Talk by Arthur van Camp

On Friday, March 17, Arthur van Camp from Ghent University, who is doing a research stay at our work, will give the talk entitled "Lexicographic choice functions". The talk shall take place at 10:30 in room B06 of the Faculty of Sciences.
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Invited talk

On Friday, October 7, Daniela Guffova, from Matej Bel University (Slovak Republic) will give the invited talk entitled ' Mistakes and tests in mathematics education'.  The talk shall take place in room B06, Facultad de Ciencias (Oviedo), at 10.30.    
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