IPMU Conference

The International Conference on Information Processing and Management of Uncertainty in Knowledge-Based Systems (IPMU) will take place in Milan, from 11 to 15, July 2022. Some members of the UNIMODE Research Unit will attend to present the following papers: A new similarity measure for real intervals to solve the aliasing problem. P.Huidobro, N.Rico, A.Bouchet, S.Montes, I.Díaz. ...
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SEIO Conference

The spanish national conference on statistics and operations research will take place in Granada from 7 to 10 of June 2022. This is a biennial conference that brings together the main spanish researchers in statistics and OR. Susana Montes, Irene Mariñas, Juan Baz and Enrique Miranda are attending to the conference, where they will present the following papers: "Inferencia en...
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Special session on imprecise probabilities at SMPS Conference

The 2022 SMPS Conference (Soft Methods in Probability and Statistics) will take place in Valladolid (Spain), 14-16 September. This conference is devoted to the development of flexible tools to handle probabilistic or statistical problems. Among the variety of such methods, Imprecise Probabilities plays a prominent role. Arthur Van Camp and Enrique Miranda (member of UNIMODE) are...
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Visit from Gert de Cooman

Prof. Gert de Cooman , from Ghent University , is making a research stay at our reserach unit from December 14 to December 19. Prof. de Cooman is one of the main experts in the field of Imprecise Probabilities. In particular, together with Peter Walley, he created the SIPTA society ( Society for Imprecise Probabilities: Theory and Application ) in 2002, being its president from 2002...
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Special session on imprecise probabilities at IPMU Conference

The IPMU Conference is a biennial conference where the members of UNIMODE actively participate. As in the last editions, our group is organising a special session on Theoretical and applied aspects of Imprecise Probabilities This special session aims to include papers related to Imprecise Probabilities that either present a significant advance in the foundations or show potential...
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